BOA introduce our largest barge with extreme submerging capacities


BOA is pleased to present the newbuilt Semi-Submersible Boa Barge 38, available in Shanghai- Singapore range from December 2022. With the capacities of horizontal submerging to 21.5 meters of water above deck, uniform deck strength of 35mt/m2 and a free deck area of 5.150 m2, Boa Barge 38 can accommodate the load out, float-on and float-off of heavy loads making this barge one of the most capable of this type. Due to the highly versatile design, the barge will be an valuable asset in the years to come for projects requiring heavy loads and extreme submerging capacities, including but not limited to renewable energy projects, shipbuilding and civil construction.


Due to its versatile design and unique features, the Boabarge 38 is suitable to support a vide range of operations in various industries, such as:
• Docking operations
• Load-out/Float-off operations
• Transport of heavy cargo
• Float-over operations
• Salvage operations
• Construction site


• Dimensions 152 x 38 x 9,15 m
• Extreme submerging capacities of 21.5 m above deck
• Heavy cargo up to 28.500 t
• Extreme deck strength of 35t/m
• Voluminous cargo up to 5150 m2
• Total ballast pump capacity of 12.100 m3/hr
• YOUNG ICE C classification
• Launching capacity for up to 10.000 t jackets
• 4 removable floatation towers


BOA offers a complete range of project execution services from feasibility studies to design, engineering, operations as well as project management. For over 40 years, BOA has successfully delivered innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management from complex marine operations worldwide. We have built a team of experienced engineers and project managers and developed procedures to provide first class engineering scope and project executions for marine operations.