Load-out, transport and float-off of the main plinth for Storstrøm Bridge


Thanks to the extreme capacities of the semi-submersible heavy deck cargo barge BOAbarge 34 (140x36m, 25.000DWT), BOA have completed the load-out, transport and float-off of the main plinth for the new Storstrøm Bridge.

The new bridge is being built by the Danish Road Directorate and will connect Zealand with Falster. The bridge will be the 3rd. longest in Denmark with 4 km in length.

The Plinth 1C, with a weight of 12.250 Tonnes was loaded onto the BOAbarge 34 by skidding method and thereafter the BOAbarge was towed and moored in a 4 point pre-laid mooring system close to the installation site before the BOAbarge 34 was submersed to a depth of 21.5m aft and 17m forward allowing the Plinth to safely float free and towed to final position.

BOA would like to thank Fagioli and end-client SBJV for awarding Boa this important and challenging scope.