Advanced Dual BOA Barge load-out and float-off operation


BOA have completed an unique load-out and float-off operation of Arctic Offshore Farming’s fish farm Cage B.

The operation was carried out by using 2 semi-submersible BOA barges with different dimensions and capacities (Boa Barge 36 (124m × 31.5m, 17 500 dwt) and Boa Barge 34 (140m x 36m, 25 000 dwt) in dual parallel configuration.

Using 2 barges with different capacities added another level of complexity to the engineering and operation compared with the previous launching of Cage A.

This, in combination with tidal water peaking at 60 cm/hr, challenged both assets and crew to perform at no less than excellent levels.


Thanks to AOF for award of the contract and trusting our ability to carry out this advanced operation.

Thanks also to Aker Verdal and Sarens for great collaboration during the load-out.


Key figures Cage B:

Outer diameter approx. 80  mtrs

Height approx. 10 mtrs

Steelweight approx. 3000 tons

Movie NRS Cage B