BOA Reveal Plans for Next Generation Semi-Submersible Barges


BOA are presenting their in-house design for future semi-submersible heavy lift barges, capable of handling the future requirements from any industry or segments with regards to heavy loads, large footprints and extreme submersing depths.

The versatile design and unique features of this barge makes it highly suitable for:
– load-out/float-off operations
– transport of vessels, platforms, rigs and heavy cargo
– Drydocking operations
– Salvage operations
– Platform for construction and installation
– Decommissioning

Key features of the new design:

– Dimensions 166×73,38×9,15m
– Submersing depth 31,65m (22,5m water above barge deck)
– Deadweight abt. 75.000t
– Deck strength 35t/m2
– Ballasting capacity 20.000m3/hr
– 4 x removable floatation towers
– Hybrid operation battery/generators/shore power

BOA are targeting the selection of shipyard within 2024 with the first barge in operation in 2026.