BOA Successfully Launched Last Caisson for GTA Hub Project


On 15th of March, semisubmersible Boa Barge 33 assisted by Boa Heimdal and Boa Brage performed her last cargo operation for BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project.

It was 21st consecutive successful loadout and launching operation of 16200 ton caisson executed in partnership with Eiffage Génie Civil Marine.

BOA is pleased to report that all 21 operations were completed without any incidents, no harm to personnel and environment. This important target was achieved through detailed inhouse planning and engineering process but also thanks to dedication and good safety culture of our site team.

We are proud to play part in BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim field development and would like to congratulate all involved parties reaching this key project milestone. We also would like to extend special thanks to our clients, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine for close cooperation throughout entire project period and for giving us the opportunity to be part of this exciting venture.