Successful load-out and float-off of AOF 1


BOA have successfully completed load-out and float-off of Arctic Offshore Farming’s  (AOF 1) fish farm Cage A with the semi-submersible sister-barge Boa Barge 35 and Boa Barge 36 (124×31.5m, 17500 dwt) in tandem configuration at Aker Verdal. The Dual Barge Linkage System was designed by our inhouse Engineering Dept together with all required Ballast Procedures and Mooring Analysis. Marine operations performed with assistance of our inhouse tugs; Boa Balder, Boa Odin, T/B Chief and Stevns Battler (T/C).

Key figures:
Outer diameter approx. 80  mtrs
Height approx. 10 mtrs
Steelweight approx. 3000 tons

Future home for approx. 600 000 salmons upto approx. 5 kgs each