Successful sideways load-out of DemoSATH


Boa have successfully completed load-out and float-off of DemoSATH floating offshore wind pilot project being developed by Saitec Offshore Technologies & RWE Renewables, the first ever Spanish built wind turbine platform (including the turbine) in the port of Bilbao. The operation was done with the Boabarge 33 in a sideways load-out. All operational management of the barge during load-out and float-off was the responsibility of BOA including corresponding engineering deliverables such as Grillage analysis and design, mooring analysis and arrangements, ballast plans as well as the float-off operation manual.

The engineering company Saitec Offshore Technologies has design and developed SATH concept. A concrete twin-hull structure, made of modular, pre-fabricated components. The design has a single point of mooring, which means it aligns itself to the current and wave direction.

The DemoSATH will be towed to the BiMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform) test site, which is 2 miles offshore with a water depth of 85 m and is expected to go into operation 3Q-2022.

Boa like to thank stakeholders Noatum Logistics and Mammoet for excellent workmanship and collaboration.